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This summer, as part of our "Good Stuff" sermon series, we were challenged with "give Back to the Burg". This experience provided an opportunity for Canonsburg UP to demonstrate love to our community by giving to a friend, neighbor or stranger in the area. 


Everyone was given $5 as a jump start to generosity. Below are just some of the stories that were shared. It was so moving to see the ways you allowed God to work in and through you. 

  • I gave it to a homeless woman, along with a sandwich and water. She said now she would be able to eat AND wash her clothes.

  • My friend's grandson had his last chemo treatment and to celebrate I gave him the gift from the church plus some additional money to treat himself to a steak dinner. 

  • I used the money to buy snacks for the Peters Township Fire Department. (What a wonderful idea – loved doing this!)

  • I saw an elderly lady sitting on the bench inside Shop 'N Save. Our eyes made contact, so I stopped and asked her how she was. She said she was pretty good...just waiting for her daughter who was always late. I reached in my pocket and told her I had a little gift for her. I handed her the card with the money attached with a paper clip and told her to have a wonderful day. I did not wait to see a reaction, just walked on out the door.

  • We gave our $5.00 to a homeless man in the city of Pittsburgh. I think this was a wonderful way to spread happiness through the love of Christ.

  • We took our money, doubled it and sent it to the City Mission, our favorite Christian charity.

  • We combined the money received and gave the sum to a family who was having difficulty paying for much needed medication.

  • I gave to a friend/neighbor for their meals and gas while their 14 year old daughter was in Children’s Hospital.

  • I included the money with a Bible that I donated to the Washington City Mission

  • I used the money to help buy an O2 sensor for a lady who couldn’t afford it.

  • While dining out with my husband and my sister-in-law, I felt the urge to give the $5 (plus money I had in my wallet) to our waitress. I gave it to her before we paid our bill and told her it was not her tip... (That was added on our debit card when we paid the bill). When I gave it to her, I left it in the envelope along with the card from our church. She returned to our table with tears in her eyes and said the only other time something like that happened was when someone left an envelope with money in it anonymously in her mailbox and left a note that God told them to do it. She said "it's amazing how God knows just when you need reminded of how good He is". She said she always felt bad she didn't have a chance to thank whoever gave her that money. She told us she works multiple jobs and struggles to make ends meet. It seemed like such a small amount of money, but it obviously made a difference in her day...and ours!


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