Reconciliation: God Can Heal Your Brokenness

“All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation…” - 2 Corinthians 5:18

Dear Friends,

This is just a hunch, but I’ll bet there’s a broken relationship somewhere in your past that you wish could be healed today.

Whether it’s an estranged parent or sibling, a childhood friend, a former co-worker or even a former member of the church that you miss seeing, we all have relationships that we’ve either allowed to stretch too thin or through regrettable actions by ourselves or others, have become broken. I’ve got more than my fair share!

If you are grieving the loss of a relationship, the first thing to do is to forgive the other person. You’ve likely been hurt, even if it’s just by the fact that they haven’t reached out to you. Give that hurt to God, decide you’re not going to carry it around any longer.

Next, pray for them. There’s a good chance they’re hurting too. Your strained or broken relationship may be the reason, or it may just be a symptom of their hurt. Either way, by praying for them, you’re developing a new compassion and empathy for them.

Then, recognize the part you played in straining or ending the relationship. Whether you’re 5% or 95% at fault, it does’t matter. Accept your responsibility and… apologize. Whether you apologize in writing, in person, or just in your heart, it can be a powerful olive branch toward what God ultimately wants.

Reconciliation is the ultimate goal of every broken facet of our world. The brokenness of creation, the brokenness of our marriages, our families, our churches, our communities - the brokenness between us and God - that’s what Christ came to end on the cross. You and I are given the ministry of reconciliation, the opportunity to help restore relationships, bridge divides and heal broken things. And when we’re seeking to do it, by the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance, it can happen!

And here’s the kicker - this is God’s ministry, that God invites us in to. That means it’s not up to us to heal every broken relationship. We simply can’t make everything whole again. We simply can’t change the heart of someone who has broken ties with us, who sees us as an opponent, who views us as an enemy. We can’t force anyone to sit across the table from us, answer our call, or return our text messages. But we can choose to forgive, pray for them, admit our mistakes - and trust God that one day, every broken thing, including every broken relationship, can be restored in Jesus Christ.

So, be encouraged! God is reconciling the whole world, bringing broken things and people back together through Jesus Christ. That includes you!

Welcoming people to Grow, and be reconciled, in Jesus,

Pastor Don

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