All Journeys Are Different

“… and he went away, wondering to himself what had happened.” - Luke 24:12

Dear Friends,

In worship, we’re exploring the various encounters that people had with Jesus following his resurrection. We began last week with the women who had gone to the tomb to commemorate Jesus death and came away filled with joy and sent on a mission to tell the others.

Well, the Gospel of Luke tells us a little more than Matthew at this point. The women arrive, tell the eleven apostles, but the apostles are confused. Understandably so - it was such an outside-the-box event that it would be difficult to share and even more difficult to fully understand!

Peter doesn’t take this news lying down. He’s also unwilling to disregard the message either. He has to see for himself and so he runs back to the tomb, discovering nothing but the folded linen grave clothes. That’s when it says that he went away, wondering to himself what had happened.

We’re still some time away from Jesus appearing to Peter on the beach, as we talked about at Easter. And you have to wonder why Jesus took his time to show up to Peter. Why’d he have to wait and wonder?

Here’s a thought: each of us have a different path to walk in encountering Jesus. Some of our paths are longer, with more twists and turns than others.

It seems to me that Peter’s path required him to act in a way that stretched him. Peter was impetuous, always acting before thinking, putting his foot in his mouth… until he was forced to sit and stew and wait and ponder what was going on.

The good news is that Peter came out on the other side a different, a changed, a better man and a better follower of Jesus. He became the leader that Jesus had always recognized.

If God is stretching you right now, challenging you to act and think differently than your natural tendency, trust that he’s doing it for your betterment - just as he did for Peter!

Welcoming people to Grow in Jesus - at different rates of speed,

Pastor Don

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