Our Youth Are Leading the Way

“Since my youth, God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.” - Psalm 71:17

Dear Friends,

This Sunday is one of my favorite Sundays of the entire year! Not only is it Pentecost, when the church celebrates and remembers God’s gift of the Holy Spirit to the church, empowering it to continue Jesus’ ministry in the world, it’s also Youth Sunday!

This year, we’re taking Youth Sunday to a new level! We will be celebrating our graduates (especially high school and college), we will be welcoming in our confirmands into membership of the church (baptizing two of them), but beyond that, we’re actually going to be led in worship by them in virtually every facet!

Just yesterday, sitting in a meeting, I was confronted with the fact that… I’m not “young” anymore. I was never cool or hip… the fact that I just used the word “hip” is all the evidence you need! But now that I’m 41… I’m really not young anymore! Relative to our 80 and 90 year old community members, sure, I’m younger, but I’m the parent of a teenager, I’m not young!

There’s something exciting, encouraging, and life-giving about being led by someone younger than you. It’s a message of hope, a message that “you can entrust your work to the next generation, it’s going to live on” - that comes when you’re led by someone younger than you!

Trust me, we’ve got some phenomenal students and youth in our community. They love Jesus. They want to grow in Jesus. They get the message and they have something inspiring to share with us in worship Sunday.

Whether it’s in song or in prayer, in the pulpit or behind the piano, we will be blessed Sunday, led by the youth of this community, who have a real heart for God, and for growing in Jesus.

I’m pumped to be led by them and I hope you are too! We’re in good hands because we’re in God’s hands, but we’re also in good hands because we’re in the hands of some exceptionally faithful and faith-filled youth!

They’re Welcoming US to Grow in Jesus!

Pastor Don

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