It Takes A Team

“Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12:12

Dear Friends,

This is VBS week at Canonsburg UP, quite possibly the busiest weeks of the year!

We’ve had over 220 kids gathering at Hero Central, to discover what it means to be a hero and their strength in God!

One of my favorite parts of this year’s program is the ensemble cast in the skits. Each day follows a similar format: Superman gets a message from his Father in the morning and heads out to help someone. In the afternoon, a new superhero is introduced who displays the trait of the day’s theme. And then they’re added to the team! First, it’s Batman, then Wonder Woman, then SpiderWoman… tomorrow it will be Iron Man and on Friday, The Incredible Hulk!

The kids absolutely love getting to see a new superhero, and spend lots of time guessing who it will be!

What I really love is the fact that it’s a great metaphor for both our VBS program and the greater work of the church overall!

You see, it would be a pretty sad skit that only features Superman every day. Trust me. Superman isn’t very funny on his own! But once you add Batman (sneaking up on him) and Wonder Woman, SpiderWoman (singing and dancing), Iron Man’s bravado and Hulk’s smash… well, it’s a TON of fun!

The same can be said for the entire program. No one person could handle 220 kids! In fact, a team of 6 of us couldn’t handle 220 kids! We need an army of leaders, with different gifts and talents, to show up and made this happen. And I’m grateful for ALL of them!

As part of Thursday’s closing, we’re actually going to point out some of Iron Man’s flaws… and then be reminded that none of us are perfect, which is why we need each other! None of us are sufficient enough on our own. None of us have all the requisite gifts, talents and passions. We all have gaps. But when we work together, we fill in each other’s gaps!

Whether you’ve been helping out this week at Hero Central or not, whether you slaved away at decorations and snacks in advance or stayed away from the church because of the chaos this week, you’re part of this church community and your gifts and talents are SO VALUABLE! We NEED them and we’re GRATEFUL for you using them!


And… if you’ve been on the sidelines… if you’ve been holding back from getting involved, from serving, leading and using your gifts and talents… well, get in the game! We need you! Just think how much greater of an impact we’d have if you were fully engaged and on board! I’m inviting you, with open arms! I’m…

Welcoming YOU to Grow in Jesus,

Pastor Don

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