Thank YOU!

“Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, to acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you.” - 1 Thessalonians 5:12

Dear Friends,

This past Sunday, we took a few moments out of our worship service, to recognize our church staff, who diligently work on behalf of Christ and you in administrative, pastoral, family and worship roles. We are all deeply indebted to their service in this place. I do hope that as you see them - in the office, the classroom, the fellowship hall, the sanctuary, the parking lot or out and about in town, that you will share with them your personal appreciation for their hard work as well.

And I know you will.

Because, you have!

Time and again, I’ve been warmly welcomed by community members who have remarked about how loving and caring our church community is. Each New Members class (we’re welcoming 7 more this week!), several people explain that one of the reasons they decided to make this their church home was because they felt the warmth, love and acceptance of this church - often from the very moment they first walked through the doors.

I know this firsthand as well! In my first few weeks as pastor, many of you invited me into your homes for coffee, for meals, to participate in your small group… and some of you have even invited me back!

Again, I want to also thank you. I thank you for your partnership in God’s kingdom work in Canonsburg. I thank you for living out the love of Jesus Christ both within these walls and especially outside of them. I thank you for giving your time, your talents and your financial treasure - not just to keep a historic building standing, but to reflect the light and love of God in this community. I thank you that you care so much about the people of Canonsburg that you bend over backwards to provide space for a phenomenal Vacation Bible School each year, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, a Food Pantry, a free Thanksgiving Dinner, a Toy Chest, Recovery Ministries, GriefShare and a daycare that has been recognized as one of the absolute best in the entire County!

To everyone who has given their time and talent to these ministries, to everyone who has financially support this work in the past year, to everyone who has been praying for God’s direction for us and God’s healing hand upon our community, to everyone who has linked arms together…

Thank you!!

Together, we’re Welcoming people to Grow in Jesus,

Pastor Don

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