His Love Never Runs Out

“Oh, thank GOD - he’s so good! His love never runs out.” - Psalm 107:1 (MSG)

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just last week, I had the pleasure of gathering together with the oldest 3 classes from our UP with Kids daycare. Each month, we meet up in the sanctuary for a “chapel” time - essentially a slightly extended Children’s Moment from Sunday morning. It’s either lead by myself or Cathy Stewart, our Director of Family Ministry. We teach the kids about Jesus - sharing a bible story or lesson, a hands-on creative activity, teach them a song - there’s lots of ways we use to connect them to God and help them feel a part of the church.

Some of these kids regularly attend worship with their families, some of them have visited once or twice and some of them have never gathered with us - but we use this as a tool to help them feel more and more comfortable with us, with the space and with worship.

When I met with them last week, I gave them the pre-school history of Thanksgiving. I highlighted Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and their famous Thanksgiving proclamations. Then I explained that giving thanks goes much further back than that. I shared that for thousands of years, people have been giving thanks to God for everything they have. And I shared with them this beautifully simple refrain from Psalm 107,

Oh, thank GOD - he’s so good! His love never runs out.

Over and over again, I shared with them those words. A perfect, bite-sized prayer of thanksgiving, that they could easily pray as well - and say it and pray it they did!

And if that prayer of thanksgiving was good enough for 3, 4 and 5 year olds… I think it just might be good enough for you and I.

Tomorrow, gathered around that Turkey, I invite you to offer that simple prayer to God. Later on, gathered around the TV for some football, I invite you to offer that simple prayer to God. As you lay your head down at night, as you wake Friday morning, as you go about all of your clean-up and your preparations for Christmas, I invite you to pray, with me, that simple prayer

Oh, thank GOD - he’s so good! His love never runs out.

Commit it to memory and give thanks for all of God’s goodness, God’s provision and God’s love, always!

Welcoming people to Grow in Jesus,

Pastor Don

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