New Year Vision

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” - Psalm 119:11

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

Today begins the year of perfect sight, right? 2020!

One of the ways to see more clearly, is to draw closer to God. And one of the best ways to draw closer to God, is to not only read God’s word, but to put it in our hearts. The honest-to-goodness best way to do this, is to commit it to memory.

Back in the Fall, my Dad gave me a book 100 Bible Verses everyone should know by heart, by Robert J. Morgan. It just turned out, he’s the same pastor and author who wrote the 3 volumes of Then Sings My Soul, that I’ve used extensively for our sermon series on the carols of Advent and the devotions I wrote on them as well.

The first section of 100 Bible Verses is Morgan setting the stage for why memorizing scripture matters. He talks about athletes and soldiers, men and women who found themselves in difficult circumstances, but were supported and encouraged by the scripture they had memorized - sometimes only as a child and only by accident! The idea is that if it’s this useful in these situations, how much more so would it be for you and I!

If you’d like to read Morgan’s book, you can pick it up from Christian Book Distributing (the cheapest), Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Short of that, let me offer you Morgan’s list - some of which I memorized long ago as a child, and some of which I’m planning to commit to memory for the first time in the coming year.

If you’d like, I encourage you to join me in memorizing these 100 verses in 2020, so that we can all have better sight!

Welcoming people to Grow in Jesus,

Pastor Don

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