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Make The Sovereign Lord Your Refuge!

“…as for me, my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold… till I entered the sanctuary of God;” - Psalm 73:2a, 17a

Dear Friends,

Have you ever looked and saw the greener grass on your neighbor’s lawn? Maybe not literally this August in Pennsylvania, but metaphorically, in person or online?

Psalm 73 is the experience of someone who has done just that.

It begins with the proclamation of God’s goodness, especially to the pure, and then turns quickly to their own admission of frustration. The psalmist explains that they have looked at others, at the rich, the powerful, the prosperous and the wicked… and their lives look so picture perfect!

They are not plagued by doubts or common burdens. They seem to glide through life from one success to the next, laughing at others, taking whatever they want, using and abusing people and never seeing a consequence for their actions.

This gives rise to the natural question - “Did I make the wrong choice? Is there any value in living an ethical, virtuous, moral life?”

This psalm, written thousands of years ago, speaks as clearly and succinctly to our modern experience as it did then. It’s easy to look around and see those who have the means and the money to evade justice - and to get frustrated and lose faith. It’s not difficult to come to that same question - “Is a sacrificial life, lived for others, setting down my own rights to love as Jesus loved… really a life worth living?”

Our doubts and frustrations, especially in the face of life’s circumstances, have to be faced honestly. And as the psalmist admits, they have the possibility of causing us to slip and fall.

Halfway through though, the psalmist explains “till I entered the sanctuary of God;” The doubts, frustrations and envy seemed to melt away in the protected presence of God. On our own, we cannot stand these natural, human emotions. But face-to-face with God, they have no power to pull us down.

If you’re looking across at your neighbors immaculate greener grass - literally or figuratively, if you find yourself scrolling through facebook or instagram, envying your friends picture-perfect vacations, if you’re captured by the corruption and injustice in the pages or the segments of the news, turn aside and take a cue from the psalmist - make the Sovereign Lord your refuge! (73:28).

I can promise you this, God is good. God’s love for you is real. God has done and will do tremendous things in and through you. Rest in Him!

Welcoming people to Grow in Jesus,

Pastor Don

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