Don't Miss the Good Stuff

“It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.” Luke 13:27

Dear Friends,

It’s easy to get discouraged, am I right?

I’m at my most discouraged, when I’ve put tremendous effort and energy into something with little to no results.

It’s discouraging to stand beside a child for hour on end, trying to help them understand an idea or concept, but to see their eyes glazed over and to realize they’re no closer to comprehending than when you began. Today, that doesn’t just happen with teachers in classrooms - that happens with every parent who’s trying to help their child through hybrid or homeschool learning!

It’s discouraging to go to the doctor with an ailment, to be prescribed a regimen of care, and to spend weeks and months walking down that path, but to see no noticeable improvement in your health.

It’s discouraging to work on a project, to sit in meetings and brainstorming sessions, draft plans, complete budgets, submit proposals, gather a team who is energized and empowered, only to have the project languish without the proper approvals or executive buy-in.

As a Christian, I think it’s discouraging to be captured by the love of Jesus Christ, the good news of the gospel and beauty of God’s promised kingdom, and to look around and see the brokenness of our world, the fractures in our community and the distrust and disillusionment in the faces of family and friends.

And yet…

In one of Jesus’ seemingly throw-away descriptions of the Kingdom of God, he likens it to yeast that is worked into 60lbs of flour, all through the dough.

If you’ve ever worked with yeast to make bread, you know how tiny yeast is… but how much of an impact it has. You mix it in, you never see it again, but you see it’s effects which are tremendous compared to its tiny size.

It’s discouraging to look around our world and see the effects of sin. But we need to be careful that we don’t miss the effects of the good news of God’s kingdom that have ALSO been baked into the world we’re living in.

Hospital personnel, caring for the sick and injured, many of who can be traced back to churches and Christian denominations. Public schools, educating children across socio-economic boundaries, the impetus for which came from churches teaching the poor to read on Sundays, long before child labor laws existed. The care that we do have for the poor, the elderly, the orphan, the imprisoned - I can’t wait to share more about the amazing Good News Jail Ministry happening in our own backyard!

Truly, it’s easy to miss the many ways that God’s Kingdom has infiltrated our world, that God’s Spirit has come alive in our work, that the good news is actually leading to good things - but it is! It has and it will continue to do so!

A former pastor of mine used to talk about the fact that as we got closer and closer to Christ’s return, he believed that the bad would get worse… but that the good would get better! It’s too easy to focus on the first half. As people of hope, our hope firmly planted in Jesus Christ, we need to make sure we’re giving even more of our attention to the good God is doing, the good of God’s Kingdom, that keeps getting better!

Welcoming people to Grow in Jesus,

Pastor Don

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