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Jesus Is Not "Old Hat"

“All spoke well of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his lips.” - Luke 4:22a

Dear Friends,

Old hat.

Actually, I have more than one. Indeed, I have a pile of old hats, some of which I cycle through when I need something to cover my pale face from the sun or my messy hair from other people. I think I’ve got another stack in my closet that are so old and worn that they’ll likely never be… worn again!

But “old hat” is also a term we use to describe something that’s known, something that’s understood, something that is comfortably un-remarkable. It’s “yesterday’s news” and when we hear it again, we’re completely non-plussed.

Worship can become old hat. The bible can become old hat. Even Jesus can become old hat.

Stand up. Sit down. Bow your head. Say amen. Grace. Love. Repent. Forgive. God. Jesus. Holy Spirit.

Old hat.

A bunch of men were sitting around in a church one day when they encountered a young boy, no older than my son Aidan. As they discussed the topics of the day, the young boy spoke up. Who does he think he is? Precocious, to be sure. But as he talked, something happened. No longer just surprised by his audacity, they grew surprised by his wisdom.

This young boy of course, was Jesus. And these learned elders were surprised at the gracious words he spoke.

Jesus is anything but old hat. The Bible, God’s message to us, is anything but old hat. In our worship - our gathering to encounter God as a community - we should strive way beyond old hat.

If we’re willing, God is looking to surprise us, today and every day. Whether you’re joining us in the sanctuary (at 8:30 AM), in the park (11:00 AM) or online for worship Sunday, keep your eyes and ears open to be surprised by God. I look forward to being, not just surprised, but amazed at the gracious words that come from Jesus’ lips!

Welcoming YOU to Grow in Jesus!

Pastor Don

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