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Dear friends,

Our lives this year have been radically altered by the coronavirus. A day does not go by without some mention of the pandemic: cases on the rise, social distancing, new treatment options, projections for the future, etc. Some of us have been more directly affected than others. But we all feel the stress and anxiety of living in these unpredictable times. Our community of Canonsburg has done a wonderful job of reaching out to those hardest hit by providing extra help like the pop-up food pantries. How is the rest of the world dealing with this crisis? And specifically, how are our brothers and sisters in Honduras managing this dilemma? You may be aware that we had a team of 10 people headed there this summer to work on a house for Nicolas. Obviously the trip had to be canceled, but we were able to send funds to buy the supplies. We have received word that work will begin on his house once some of the Covid restrictions have been lifted. Stacey and Kaleb Eldridge have been working for Heart to Honduras for several years and are in charge of COHI (Communities of Holistic Impact) of which Lomas de Aguila is one. In an effort to connect to their North American partners, they have undertaken a series of teaching modules to explain what is happening in their communities. The first module is now available for viewing in Google Classroom (click here; you will need to register with your email address) and there is a trailer giving you an overview of the content. Look for subsequent modules in the coming weeks. It will be here in the margin of Pastor Don's Wednesday email. We hope you will take the time to learn together about our friends in Lomas de Aguila. After the modules are completed in November, there will be an opportunity to chat directly with a Heart to Honduras staff member and possibly a member of the Lomas de Aguila community. Blessings, Colleen Yarbrough Mission & Stewardship Team

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