A Note About Mothers Day

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” - Psalm 139:13

Dear Friends,

In case you missed it, this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day!

I’ve been seeing a lot of ink spilled about this recently, especially in relation to the church. It seems there’s a whole lot of ideas floating around about what’s a good and proper way to celebrate and even if it should be celebrated at all.

I get it. I really do.

I’ve sat with women who were so very desperate to have a child of their own, who agonized each month when only one red line appeared instead of two, who prayed and cried and cried and prayed and felt like their hearts were so full of love to hold a child of their own… but were continually being stomped on because they couldn’t conceive.

And I’ve known some phenomenal mothers - mothers of one, two, three and more, who are constantly second-guessing themselves, who can’t get a moment to themselves, who are beaten-down by the demands of motherhood and feel they never get a moment to breath on their own, let alone the recognition of their sacrifice and service to their children.

And I’ve sat with men and women, who have complicated and troubled relationships with their own mothers, where abuse and abandonment are the overwhelming memories, whose standards they never felt they could measure up to, whose criticism was and still is, constant… and it causes them to question whether they could or even should have a child of their own.

And we all seem to know at least one mom, whose arms were always open with love, whose smile lit up a room, whose car and table always had an extra seat, whose generosity was only outshone by her laughter… and whose children just didn’t realize how good they had it, until she was gone.

I could go on, but I hope you can see, I know, Mother’s Day is complicated.

But just because it’s complicated, just because it evokes emotions that challenge our perfectly manicured masks, doesn’t mean we should avoid it.

To all the Mother’s out there,

who have no idea how they’re going to make it to

nap time or bedtime,

who dread being woken up by a cry in the middle of the night,

or a call in the middle of the night

or remain haunted by one…

To all those who so desperately want to be a Mother,

but can’t seem to find a good man,

or can’t find a way to conceive,

or don’t know why their body won’t stay pregnant,

or lost their child way too soon,

To all those who have… complicated relationships with their mothers,

And those who’d give anything to see, hear or hug their mother again,

To all those who’ve graduated to Grand-mother-hood,

yet found themselves mothering again,

And those who opened their arms and hearts and homes to mother a neighborhood,

To all those who’ve lost their mother recently,

And all those mothers who’ve lost their child,

To all those mother’s who’ve been separated from their kids,

And kids who’ve been separated from their mothers,

To all those who’ve shown us what motherhood is supposed to look like,

And all those mothers who’ve failed to live up to the Instagram ideal,

To all of you,

To all of us,

May the ever-present wings of God,

Wrap you in peace

Fill you with comfort

Strengthen and uphold you with joy,

This day,

This upcoming Mother’s Day,

And every day beyond.

Pastor Don

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