Come and Eat!

“So then, my brothers and sisters, when you gather to eat, you should all eat together.” - 1 Corinthians 11:13

Dear Friends, Come and eat! This Sunday, following worship, we’re gathering to eat together - it’s a classic church potluck and no matter who you are, it’s a great opportunity to be encouraged! It will be the 5th Sunday of the month, October 30, and for that special occasion, we’re having just one worship service, at 10:00am (with Sonshine Station Kids Ministry starting at 9:00am). And then following it all, down in the Fellowship Hall we will be gathering to eat! We’ve been talking for nearly two months now about walking together in this journey of life - looking at various people from the bible who walked together for short and long periods because it’s simply not good to be alone! From the very beginning, God recognized that it’s not good. And God has gifted us with companions - friends and family - that we can walk alongside in just about every situation. And sometimes that journey doesn’t involve walking at all. Sometimes, it involves eating! Just last night, we had what can only be recognized as a dry-run for Sunday! We had our bi-annual New Member Potluck, where various members and leaders of the church gathered to formally receive three new members into the church. We talked. We ate. We laughed. We ate some more (I may have eaten too much…) And we shared a little about our journeys and how God led us here to Canonsburg UP. It was during these introductions and sharing that one member stood up and talked about how encouraging these meals are. That every time they come to them - whether it was when they first joined, or when they came as an Elder on Session or because their spouse was a Deacon, they are just so encouraged about our church and about their faith. And it struck me in that moment, just how important it is that we take the time to gather and eat together. I grew up in the church. I remember potlucks in the church basement - eating giant ice cream sundaes out of an eaves trough (it was new) and sitting in classrooms with the “other kids” for holiday meals - and so much more. It seemed so quaint and so cute and as an adult, it can seem so dated… until you realize what was going on during those meals. We were, by God’s grace, being knit together as a family. Young and old, rich and poor, man and woman - we sat down and ate the food lovingly prepared by each other, for each other. I’m convinced, now more than ever, that we need more of these - in the church and outside of the church. We need to eat together more. We need to spend more time sitting across the table from each other than across the aisle. We need to spend more time raising a glass together than raising our voice against each other. We need to spend more time listening and laughing and thanking God for the community we have, the community God is building and re-building in God’s image, than complaining or vilifying or arm-twisting others into creating a community crafted in our own image. I’m genuinely looking forward to gathering with you on Sunday - for worship at 10am together and especially for brunch at 11am together! And if you show up at 11am looking for worship, without a dish to share… and discover we’re just about to go downstairs and eat… please know you’re encouraged to come downstairs anyway, where our growth and encouragement is going to happen, by God’s grace, eating together! Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus - as we worship and EAT together, Pastor Don

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