Fully Known...Fully Loved

…you know me… you created my inmost being… all the days ordained for me were written in your book…” - Psalm 139

Dear Friends,

This past Sunday we kicked off a new sermon series looking at six interesting, incredible and even confusing things that Jesus did or said that help us better understand him, and how we can relate to each other. We started with Jesus’ calling of Simon and Nathaniel, which were a bit peculiar. First, Jesus was so bold as to rename Simon - “You are Simon, son of John… you will be Peter.” The only person I know that’s bold enough to rename someone they met for the first time is my mom… and even she waits to be told their real name before coming up with some kind of cute shorthand for it.

And then there was Nathaniel - not only does Jesus subtly call him out for a snide comment Nathaniel made about Jesus behind his back, but he promises that Nate will see some of the most incredible events happening in the future.

What we discover in these two stories, beyond the boldness of Jesus to speak candidly and authoritatively, is that he knows these men - their past, their present, their future and all of the hidden and surprising aspects of their personalities that they may try to keep hidden.

The same is true for you and I.

Jesus knows us. Inside and out. As the psalmist David explained in 139, “you know me… you created my inmost being.” It’s a wonderful feeling to be known, truly, without reservation and without anything hidden. It takes a whole lot of energy to craft and maintain the perfect mask - so much that we pay lots and lots of money to individuals and companies to clean up our image when we get bad reviews or when damaging information about our past comes to public scrutiny. It’s so much easier and so much better to just be known.

And we are. Known.

And we… loved.

We are loved and known.

It’s not conditional. It’s not “loved as long as they don’t know that thing…” God knows “that thing” and loves us still. Because God’s love is not based on an image, a false concept we’ve created in the hopes of being loved. God’s love is based on the truth, on the fullness of who we are. And that enables us to live fully and love others without reservation too.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the God who knows us and loves us unconditionally, make sure you’re joining us in-person or online for this series Jesus DiD wHAt? And if you’re interested in exploring more about Psalm 139 - join us for the CUPC Family Retreat at Pine Springs Camp, February 25-27. Details are on our website & Facebook page.

Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus,

Pastor Don

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