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Gain Patience in An Insta-Pot World

“But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.” - Romans 8:25

Dear Friends, I’m sitting at my desk, staring and wondering what to do with four green, un-ripened bananas! In case you slept in Sunday, forgetting to set your clocks ahead, we were once again lead by our youth in worship as we looked at another fruit of the spirit that’s worth growing - patience! If you missed it, the service is available on Youtube and Facebook for viewing and I want to say a huge thank-you to Cathy Stewart, Faith Homrock and all of the students who helped lead us - it was awesome! We’ve now looked at growing the fruit of love - particularly in how we speak, the fruit of peace - by keeping our eyes on the right horizon of Jesus the overcomer, and now patience - with a picture of Job who breathed deep and waited to see the Lord despite his devastating circumstances. What a word that is for us today, eh?! As Faith mentioned, we live in an insta-pot society, where instant reactions, instant likes and instant answers are at our fingertips. It may be more challenging than ever to grow patience. Which got me to thinking… what if I decided not to scratch that itch… immediately? While there are lots of things we need to do - we can’t necessarily lay in bed all day just waiting patiently for things to come to us - there are lots of other things that are just not necessary for us to do right away. There’s the ding of our phone that doesn’t need to be looked at. There’s the answer to that burning question of who starred in that movie… that doesn’t need to be answered right away. There’s that sweet or savory snack or that delicious drink that we might not need to get right away. There’s that funny or poignant or challenging comment that doesn’t need to be spoken right away. One way to grow in patience, to become people who are able to wait faithfully, might happen as we tamp down those instant-gratification urges that are so easy to scratch today. What if we paused, took a deep breath, what if we were still for a moment, remembering God is God… maybe our ability to be patient just might grow. That’s at least what I’m going to do, starting right now. Welcoming You to Grow in Patience, Pastor Don

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