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God's at Work Along the Way

“They asked each other, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?’” - Luke 24:32

Dear Friends,

One of the most profound stories of Jesus is commonly referred to as the Road to Emmaus story. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago when we ordained and installed our new elders and deacons (we’ll install one more elder this Sunday during the 8:30am service too!). One of the things I love about this story is that the two men who are journeying to Emmaus only come to discover the truth of Jesus after they had been with him. And in the moment of him speaking to them and teaching them, they don’t understand - but looking back, they recognize how profound it was.

Another thing to notice from this story is that it happens while they’ve gone away, while they’re traveling. Jesus appears to them while they’re headed to Emmaus - we don’t know if they’re returning or leaving home. It doesn’t matter. But it happens while they travel. It happens in between to very distinct places - Jerusalem and Emmaus.

Sometimes we think that big things happen when where we are. Or that big things happen when we get to a big place. But it’s often the time between where we are and where we’re going, where God does the most profound work in our lives. Then, when we arrive, we realize what God has done while we were focused on getting there.

Before closing this week, I want to make a plug for next weekend’s Family Winter Retreat. There are three main goals - first is to grow in our relationship with God. Taking time out of our lives to go away and focus on God - read, talk, listen, worship, pray - these are ways we grow. The second is growing in our connections as a community. If you’re feeling the tug to deepen some relationships, get more connected, build some friendships, I cannot encourage you enough to go! And the third and final goal is to have fun! Remember, Jesus extended the party. God is not a kill-joy, God is a GIVE-JOY! We’ll play games, eat fun snacks and laugh together - the kinds of things that warm your heart! The details are on our website and if money is an issue, contact the church office and we’ll find a way to help you!

As much as I’m looking forward to the retreat, I’m also looking forward to being able to look back on it after, and echo those men in Emmaus saying, “Do you remember how amazing our hearts felt when we were together on that retreat? Do you remember how great it felt to sing, so pray, to share, to listen, to play and to eat together? God was with us - let’s shout about it!”

Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus - especially on the Winter Retreat!

Pastor Don

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