How May We Help You?

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find” - Luke 11:9a

How can I help you?

When I’m perusing a store, for myself or for someone else it doesn’t really matter, my gut reaction to that question, regardless of what I’m doing is, “no thanks, I’m just looking!” I’d much prefer to stumble around at my own pace than to have someone hovering over my shoulder, leading me toward something. And half of the time, I’m not certain I know what I want, anyway.

But is that best?

Funny you should ask that, because my attitude is a complete 180 degrees when I’m sitting at a restaurant, considering between two or more options for dinner. My first reaction is to ask the waiter, which is better or which they prefer. In fact, sometimes I ask them to simply tell me what their favorite dish is, and as long as it’s not simply the most expensive, I’ll often get it.

When I’m being asked what I want, how someone else can help me find it, I can be skeptical and cynical. I don’t always trust they’ll send me in the right direction. But when I’m stuck, when I can’t decide, when I really do want help finding or choosing, I’ll speak up - and I’m usually very grateful I did. It really was helpful!

I think the Christian life is a lot like that. We can stumble around, not always sure what we’re after, not always sure if we’re finding it, not always trusting the people around us to steer us in the right direction… but we’re unlikely to be very successful. It’s like hunting for a specific style of shirt among the pants. Good luck! On the other hand, if we speak up, if we spell out even what we think we’re after, even if we’re not entirely sure, we may just discover we can take some big steps forward!

Part of the reason I mention this is that really and truly, we want to help YOU grow in your faith, grow in your relationship with Jesus… but we don’t necessarily know what you might find the most helpful right now. So this is me, this is us, raising our hand and saying, “How can we help you?” We have a short survey, a compact questionnaire that we really hope you’ll take a few minutes to fill out that asks that question. We really do want to see you grow. We really do want to see you filled with more love, joy, peace and all of that fruit, that we know you want. But how we help you right now, is the question we’re trying to figure out.

So, do me a favor, do us a favor, no… do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to think about and respond to that questionnaire. It will really help us put our time and energy into what you recognize is the most beneficial to you right now.

Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus, one question at a time,

Pastor Don

Take the brief survey here!

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