It's All God's Work

“…my word…will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” - Isaiah 55:11

Dear Friends, As I’m writing this, we’re basically halfway home with our “To Mars and Beyond” Vacation Bible School! There are so very many things to be thankful for this week - 170+ kids registered, 90+ leaders volunteering their time and talents, beautiful decorations, a positive impact in our community through the 6th Grade group doing service projects and raising money for The Dreamers Company in Washington to rehab a park! But yesterday… after the closing skit… I was maybe the most frustrated I’ve ever been doing a VBS program. In case you didn’t know, the premise of the skits is the Starship Galaxion has run out of fuel in the far reaches of the Astro Zone and needs the help of our 170 “Voyager” VBS kids to retrieve and send (via a transporter) elements of Faith, Boldness, Kindness, (Thankfulness & Hopefulness) to power up the fuel cells and allow them to get home. The ship has the Science Officer, an analytical & bored Dr. Speck, the Pilot, a messy & funny Lt. McFrazzle and Captain 2B-Yon… who’s an Android. While the antics of Dr. Speck and especially Lt. McFrazzle steal the show, a ton of time, effort and resources have been put into making Captain 2B-Yon as impressive as possible. We’ve spent hours fitting the costume, running lines and testing the mics… but as Tuesday concluded, we were 4 for 4 with “technical difficulties” that made the skits sub-par. When Captain 2B-Yon got backstage… he may have used words not suitable for print as parts of his “suit” were flung down in frustration. It’s frustrating when it feels like a plan doesn’t come together. I almost feel like I’m reliving this past 16 months again - all these plans, all this effort, all this hope… and this? I bet you’ve felt this before too. An interview process? A relationship? A year-long school project? A multi-year work project? You look around and you see it crashing and burning. Through the prophet Isaiah, God speaks a powerful word in the midst of just this situation. A frustrated, flailing and famished people are weary of watching the wrong people succeed while they fail time and again. So God does two things. First, God invites them to come and receive good things - not just a water to wet their tongues or a crust of bread to get them by until tomorrow - “the richest of fair” from the God who blesses beyond imagination! If we’re feeling frustrated, flailing around and hopeless, famished in body, mind and spirit - go to God - by turning our attention to God, we can receive what our heart needs in abundance! Second, God reminds them that while present, immediate and meeting our needs - God is still… God! God is bigger than we imagine, better than we imagine and beyond our ability to box in to a neat and simple definition. God’s ways, God’s plans, God’s ability far greater than our comprehension and far more powerful than we imagine. So we can take heart, that even in our own mess, God’s work is getting done, because it’s God’s work! With six more skits to go, including Friday night’s closing at Canonsburg Town Park, I have no idea how many issues we’re going to run in to, how many mess-ups we’ll encounter, the number of times a mic will drop or a line will be flubbed or some other manner of mishap will rear its ugly face… but I’m going to rest in the fact that God’s word is going out and God’s work is being done, through us and in some cases despite us, because it’s God’s work. I’m grateful to be a small part of it. Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus - to Mars and Beyond! Pastor Don

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