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Partnering with Our Community

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people” - Galatians 6:10a

Dear Friends, On Sunday we talked about growing goodness, and how God from the beginning, has defined good as something communal, based on the way we treat each other. We cause ourselves great harm when we try to quietly get out of doing good, or doing the least good, or when we’re just trying to get what we want as some kind of transaction. That’s not the good that God intends! Speaking of, I’m excited to see all the good that God is doing in our community - the rebuilding and renewing of our town for the blessing of so many! We’ve got bakeries, sandwich shops, candy stores and more that have opened up shop recently and coming down the… pike. (Get it?) I’m excited about what is in store in our midst! (I’m pretty punny today). If you remember too, it wasn’t long ago that we renewed the lease on our parking lot with the Borough, securing not only their continued salting and plowing, but their resurfacing of it as well! They in-turn have been able to set up a better system for monthly parking permits and now hourly parking through the new kiosks that you’ve probably seen around town. Among other things, this means you don’t have to carry around a sack of quarters to frequent all the new businesses in town! Our partnership with the Borough is extremely important. It’s important because we’re called to bless our community, to share what we have, as a way to invite others to know and experience the love of Jesus. Sadly, not every church sees their relationship with the community in the same way - I’m so glad to be part of one that does! With regard to our parking lot, our partnership requires a little bit of clarification. With the introduction of the kiosks and the Borough’s attempt to reduce parking abuses so that all lots are available when needed, there have been several questions. Let me try to crystalize things for us: 1) If you’re attending a church event - worship, meeting, volunteering, etc, then the upper lot is available for you to park for free. 2) If you’re in town patronizing a business - getting lunch, drinks, shopping, then please make sure to pay for your parking at the kiosk to avoid getting ticketed. To avoid accidental ticketing during daytime events like one-off Bible Studies or random volunteering, you can come in to the office to obtain a single-day parking pass (assuming we’ve run out of room in the lower lot, which is ideal for these simple events). We’re also working with the parking enforcement to keep them updated as to our regular weekly meetings and events so they know not to ticket us for that. But… it will happen from time-to-time. We all make mistakes. Even the best partnerships have hiccups. For those of us with permanent parking passes (because we’re staff of the church or daycare or consistent volunteers serving regularly during the week), it’s also important for us to remember not to abuse that pass. It’s not good for any other lot and it’s not supposed to be used for “free parking” when we’re doing our Christmas shopping or having lunch or drinks with friends. When we drop that dollar in the kiosk (or pay by card or the app), think of it as your little investment into the life of our community, a sharing of the blessings God has given you. Thanks for being good partners with our community! Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus, Pastor Don

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