Shining Light

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” - Matthew 5:16

Dear Friends,

There’s lots going on - in the world and in the church!

First, I continue to ask for your prayers in advance of the Session meeting this coming Monday, May 24, as they will be addressing, among other things, the practices and procedures for our gathering (for worship, ministry, etc) on-campus. And with the recently released CDC guidelines and information from the state, there’s lots to discuss! You can read a more specific message about that, initially sent to our leaders last week, here.

Second, I’m very excited because we’re making tremendous progress in some of our renovation projects, both inside and outside. Delivery of most of our new LED lighting has arrived and we expect installation to begin shortly. This is a project that the Trustees felt would be a short term cost with a long term investment, reducing the cost of electricity and work in replacing bulbs (nearly a full-time job!). The rollout and timeline of installation of these new lights throughout the CE building, Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary is still being worked out, but I expect we’ll see work being done throughout the summer.

The other renovation project is happening as I write this - our new digital sign has arrived! The Session determined that one of the best ways we can Welcome people is by providing clear, updated, encouraging information about our church and ministries as they walk and drive up and down Pike street every day. It will allow us to post details about our worship services, ongoing ministries (like our Daycare, Food Pantry, Family & Youth ministries & Adult Small Groups) as well as special events (like VBS, Griefshare, Kids4Camp, Active Christian Seniors, etc). With Pike street being so heavily trafficked and the move to digital signage happening all around us, it made too much sense to move forward on this project.

What a message to our community, coming through this pandemic, that Canonsburg United Presbyterian Church has a space and a place for them - that we have ministries to serve them, worship to encourage them and opportunities to help them grow!

The light of this sign is one way that we can literally fulfill Jesus’ call for us to let our light shine. But it’s important to remember, that we are the ones behind that sign and that by our words and actions, by the way we shine the light and love of Jesus in our gathered time and in our scattered time, our community will understand and receive that love.

As exciting as new, bright and efficient lighting in our gathered space is, as exciting as a new lighted sign to share about our church and ministry, it will still remains for us to keep shining, keep loving, keep pointing people to Jesus. And so we continue,

Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus - BRIGHTLY!

Pastor Don

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