Using Our Talents

Special Guest Writer: Cindy Garrison

“‘Well done, my good servant!’ his master replied. ‘Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities.’ Luke 19:17

Dear friends, A few Sundays ago, Pastor Don preached from Luke 19:11-26. It is a parable that Jesus used to help his disciples understand what they were to do as His followers, especially when He was no longer there to guide them. In the parable, it speaks of the man who leaves to go to another Place to be made king and left three servants with resources to take care of while he was away. two of them used the resources wisely and were able to give back more than they had been left with but one chose to hide what he was to be responsible for out of fear he might lose it and not have anything to show the master when he returned. But as you think on it and look around our church, you realize that his message wasn’t really all about money. This message coincided with welcoming the new confirmands and, later, Youth Sunday. We saw members of our congregation using their gifts to serve Jesus, our Master. We saw adults giving their time to share their faith with the confirmands over the past several years to help them grow in their faith. It was a challenge during this past year, but they found ways to meet the safety needs of the kids and themselves while helping these young people grow in their faith and be ready to assume responsibility as members of the church. On Youth Sunday, we saw children from grade school to high school lead the service in song, story, and the message. We appreciated the guidance offered by adults in the who assisted in putting it together and were excited for how well the children brought us worship and the message. These are great examples of how we, as members of Canonsburg UP, can use the resources Jesus left us in order to further His kingdom. These aren’t the only ways that this church puts talents and resources to use. Several members help with the Pop UP Pantry each Thursday and others donate and help with the Food Back once a month. Both would welcome others who feel this is a good place to use their resources. Vacation Bible School will be coming up and there are many ways members of CUPC assist as organizers, actors in skits, teachers, craft preparers, distributing snacks to the children, leading the music time, helping with registration, and all the other activities behind the scenes that make this program so successful. There are ways throughout the year that church members use their gifts, such as the music program - choir will return for adults and children - and also helping with Sonshine Station Large and Small Group activities, keeping the physical building in shape, helping in the office, leading adult Small Groups, running the booth on Sunday mornings, visiting those members who aren’t able to come to church, greeting at the doors on a Sunday morning before services start, and doing weekly video messages, both musical and words of encouragement. Perhaps you’ve wondered about how you fit in, how you can best use your gifts to serve and support the mission Jesus left with us as members of His church. All of the above programs have room for one more - or two or five or . . . Your opportunities are endless and there is a need that has been waiting just for you to join in and serve. Imagine how these gifts will multiply to His glory!

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