Who Me? Yes, You!

“But Jesus kept looking around see who had done it.” Mark 5:32

Dear Friends,

Toward the end of John’s gospel, as Jesus is gathered with the disciples in the Upper Room to celebrate the Passover, which would become known as The Last Supper, Jesus turns to them and calls them “friends.” The fact that he clarifies that why he addresses them this way, leads us to believe that it was a new reference. It was because he’d shared with them everything, everything that God the Father had shared with Jesus the Son. It was a term that summed up the closeness of their relationship.

I can almost imagine the disciples that were present, especially those un-named, not among “The Twelve” - the fringe disciples who followed but who didn’t feel all that important, who hadn’t left a family or a thriving business, who didn’t have tremendous gifts and talents, those who’d just felt compelled to follow Jesus. Upon hearing this designation, I can imagine them looking around and asking, “who me?”

I can imagine it mirrored the feeling of surprise and embarrassment of the woman in the crowed, healed by just reaching out and touching Jesus’ robe. When he stopped mid-journey (to heal a dying girl), to single out the person who had touched him. She had believed that just touching his robe would do the trick - she wasn’t anyone special enough to get an audience with Jesus or even to get his attention… so when he turned, looking for her and to her, she must have asked, “who me?”

The response from Jesus in both of these situations is the same, “Yes, you.

“You are the one I am looking for.”

You are the one I am speaking to.”

You are the one I am calling friend.”

And that continues today. And it continues for you.

Our mission at Canonsburg UP Church is Welcoming people to Grow in Jesus, but that can sometimes miss the point. It’s not just “those people out there” or some other people “over there” - it’s you.

How’s that old gospel tune go, “Not my mother, not my brother, but it’s me oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer…”

It is vitally important that we understand that the very God of the Universe, isn’t just interested in The Universe, that Jesus the Son didn’t come just for “whoever believes,” that the Holy Spirit doesn’t just strengthen, uphold and empower “those people” - but ME.

You, “yes youare the beloved, chosen, saved, sanctified, and upheld child of God, who is being invited and empowered to grow in Christ.

Do not ignore this. Do not forget this. Do not misunderstand. Jesus is looking for and looking at you when he calls you his friend, when he gives you strength, when he binds up your wounded heart, mind and soul. You are intimately known and loved.

And so, we Welcome YOU to Grow in Jesus, at Canonsburg UP Church,

Pastor Don

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