Our New “Front Door”

Canonsburgup   -  
“After an all-night march from Gilgal, Joshua took them by surprise.”  – Joshua 10:9
Dear Friends,


I’m not sure if you’d heard the news, but our physical campus is not the only thing we’ve been renovating.  Behind the scenes, for several months, we’ve been working on our website, with an eye toward it being more informative, more engaging and better suited for mobile devices (such as phones) which is the primary way most people encounter websites now.

Well, surprise-surprise, but the web developer we’ve been working with clicked “live” today, and here we are!

We would absolutely love for you to go and check it out, and let us know what you think.  Is it easier to navigate?  Is there more content and information about our church and ministries?  Is it more functional on your phone or tablet than before?  And is it warm and inviting – does it give off the same vibes you feel when you gather for worship or other ministries?

Give us your feedback!

One wonderful feature that we’re especially excited about is that you can go to our website and watch our worship service without having to worry about having a Facebook or Youtube app or account.  So if you’re sick, homebound or traveling, we hope this will make it easier for you!

A word of caution though – there are updates we’re still in the process of making – like photos of our staff, that will be coming in the next few days and weeks.  Which I guess means that we’re beta-testing the website with you.  Or it’s a soft open.  We want to get the kinks out and further suggestions as soon as we can, especially since we have some significant events upcoming – our February 25 Rededication Service as well as Holy Week and Easter at the end of March!  We expect a significant uptick of people checking out Canonsburg UP, before they check us out on Sunday morning.  Our online presence – social media and website – are the new “front door” and we want to make that as welcoming as we’ve made our… “front door” and everything that’s inside of it.

There shouldn’t be any surprises Sunday, but I’m truly excited to celebrate what God’s done this past year, through our renovations and the many additional blessings beyond.  I can’t wait to share the updates and plans that the Session is working on for the future.  If you’re a member, make plans to stick around following the 11a worship service, or come back at 12p (ok, maybe 12:15p) for our Annual Meeting.  If you’re not a member or not able to be there, don’t worry, we’ve got a 4 minute video that re-caps the year that was, 2023 and it will go live on Sunday afternoon on our socials – make sure to check it out and continue the celebrations of Gold’s goodness in our midst this past year!

Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus – in person, online, and everywhere in between!

Pastor Don