Serve with Joy

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“Surely you have granted him unending blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence.” – Psalm 21:6


Dear Friends,

There’s one thing that I meant to, but missed mentioning on Sunday.  You see, even though we know fruit grows by our connection to Christ, and through the work of the Holy Spirit… I sometimes get stuck thinking that the fruit always looks the same.  But the creativity of God knows no bounds!  Love has a million different expressions.  Peace can be found in a million different places.  Kindness can be seen in a million different acts.  Goodness is literally limitless in its possibilities.  In each of us, the Spirit is bearing unique expressions of that fruit.  And we can celebrate it.  I’m especially thankful that you are bearing those unique fruit both inside and outside our church walls!

Our staff is doing the same, and has been for many years.  Our staff is joyful and kind, faithful and generous – and a staff is growing too!  We’re still looking to hire a couple of positions in our UP With Kids Daycare – keep that in prayer!  We’re also starting the process of hiring for an expanded (Full-time) Director of Finance and Facilities.  This is part of the role that Karen Jingleski has served in for nearly four years.  She let us know that she’s ready to retire, and as sad as we are to see her leave our staff, we’re ready to see it grow too!

When Karen came on (twice, actually), she saved our bacon.  She stepped in to solidify our staff and ensure our finances remained in good order.  I and we cannot thank her enough!

But the time has come for her to spend less of the winter months among us and more among some family.  (Don’t worry, it’s just vacations.)  It’s also time that we add into our staff, a Full-time position ensures additional continuity and access across our campus.  Now the real work begins – finding that person!  We know we can’t completely replace the character and competencies of Karen, but we’re going to do our best to get close!  We’re looking for someone who has accounting skills and also people-skills, just like Karen.  A full job description is available for anyone interested… so if you know someone, have them reach out to the office!

I’m also overjoyed that this Sunday, likely for the 11a worship service, we’ll have a very special guest – the Mayo Clan are going to be visiting!  Recently retired Rev. Dave Mayo, his wife Loretta and their daughters and grandchildren could all be here!  While they were unavailable for our Rededication service, it will be great to see them this Sunday!  If you remember the Mayos and their ministry here (1992-2004), then I encourage you to join us at 11a on Sunday.  You’ll also get to hear the Bell Choir play for us!

And of course, if you haven’t already, make plans for Palm Sunday – our kids will be doing a special program between worship services and we’ll be having an extra-special Concert for Kenton at 6p!  There’s no better way to kick-off Holy Week than all the wonderful, joyful celebrations that will happen on March 24 at Canonsburg UP!

Past, present and future, God has been pouring out an incredible joy at Canonsburg UP and I’m both glad for those who’ve been a part of it, and I’m excited for all those who will be part of it in the coming weeks and months and years.  Let’s keep it up together!

Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus – especially in Joy!

Pastor Don