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“All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.” – Acts 2:44-45
Dear Friends,

When we read about the formation of the Early Church in the book of Acts, following the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (just 11 days from now) – it sounds almost utopian.  They gathered together, ate, learned, prayed, they provided for each other’s needs and worshipped God. To top it off, the people in the community around them were so pleasantly moved by them that they wanted to join!  Doesn’t that sound like a perfect scenario?

Now, I’m sure if you were to dig a little deeper, you’d discover that there were some people in the church who weren’t always happy, who got sick and sick of each other, who weren’t kind all of the time, who had doubts about Jesus and their sisters and brothers, who didn’t share or speak well.  And I’d guess that there were onlookers who weren’t so impressed, thought they were weird and didn’t want to have anything to do with them.

But, that’s because we’re human. We’re not perfect.  And it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that we have this idyllic example of what we’re striving for her.

WE, Canonsburg UP Church, are striving to be a community of people who are following after Jesus, failing forward, but creating an atmosphere of love and care – providing for the needs of members and also helping people outside our walls – growing in love and joy and peace, so that the world outside looks at us and says “Maybe I’m not sure about all they believe, but that’s the kind of community I want to be a part of. And I’d like to experience that too!”  And then they discover, not by our words or actions, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, that God is real, that Jesus loves them and that there is a way that they can live and love by the Spirit today that is better than any other way and will impact their eternal life!

That’s what we’re striving for as a community.  The picture from Acts is a great example of what we’re shooting for.  It’s not easy, but if we’re pointing in that direction, by the Spirit, I bet we can have an impact.

And we already are.  We’ve got 15 New Members who will be officially joining us in 8 days and celebrated on Pentecost Sunday, along with 2 confirmands.  That’s pretty clear evidence!  And we’ve got many others who are gathering with us for worship who may or may not ever become “members” but by their presence, they’re showing they’re invested.

Now, let me turn briefly to an invitation.  This weekend, we have several opportunities to do the same things we see described in Acts.  Gathering for worship on Sunday at 8:30a and 11a is an easy example.  Maybe you haven’t been in-person in awhile, well, this will be Mother’s Day… let’s call it a perfect excuse to come.  You just know your Mom or your Grandma would be thrilled to know you came to church Sunday.

Before we get to Sunday though, we’ve got several things on Saturday – there’s a Pine Springs Camp Work Day happening where you can use those skills to improve a ministry we’ve been partnered with for decades that help campers (children, youth and adults) have a vital encounter with Jesus.  Find more details here– contact Doug Miller to coordinate car pooling if you like.

Maybe that doesn’t work for you – how about holding a baby or wrangling a child for a few hours on Saturday evening from 5-8p (or hey, if you’re looking to do it as a job – our Daycare is hiring too!  But this Parents’ Night Out is a HUGE event with 50+ kids registered.  Giving parents a break for the evening is such a gift that offers peace and joy and shows how much we love them….so if you have your clearances and a few hours to serve, contact Cathy in the church office.

There’s also a Men’s Breakfast (8a) and Women’s Brunch (9:45a) happening in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday morning.  You can simply show up for a delicious free meal and enjoy the company of friends where you can be prayed for and encouraged!

This weekend, we have a bunch of great opportunities to live into that goal lifted up in Acts of the early church.  So I encourage you to take a step, make a first step – grow yourself and help us grow together into that!

Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus – with us into the church we all want,

Pastor Don