Fear and Courage

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“Sing the praises of the Lord, you his faithful people; praise his holy name.” – Psalm 30:4
Dear Friends,

Wasn’t Sunday awesome?!

Thanks to everyone who was there in person – one of our most-attended services of the year so far – you were a gift and an encouragement to our youth who led us in worship.  And what a job they did!  From the Cherub Choir Introit to the Girls’ Quintet Anthem to the Children’s Moment (with the funniest video) to the phenomenal message brought by Ava Urso, it was all so amazing!  I keep getting feedback about how encouraging it was to be there.

If you missed it live, we did have a snafu with our online broadcast of the 8:30a service, so the full service is only available from 11a.  But either way, you still get a great idea of what it was like.

I’m continually struck by how children can help me encounter Jesus.  They’re not captured by all of the same worries and concerns that plague my mind.  They’re oblivious to what’s going on down the street, much less halfway across the world.  They’re not concerned about paying that bill or completing that task… and so they’re more open to the love and joy that God is continually offering through His presence.

Which leads me to this Sunday’s sermon, and a new series we’re going to kick off about, of all things, Fear.

Around every corner, on every channel, flashing on every headline and notification and even in our own hearts, there is something to be afraid of. We live in a world overwhelmed with anxiety and fear and yet we are called, over and over again in the scriptures to not be afraid.  Is that true? Is it possible?  As Easter people, living in light of Jesus’ resurrection, how can we find the courage necessary to live in this fear-filled world?  That is our focus over the next five weeks in worship at CUPC!

Part of overcoming fear, part of finding the courage to be faithful, happens as we step out in worship – the very act of praising God is an act of courage, an act of faith, an act in the process of overcoming fear.  I’m grateful for the ways that our youth helped us on Sunday and I’m excited for the ways they’ll continue to do that in the coming days and weeks and years.

And I’m looking forward to doing it with you too!

Welcoming You to Grow in Jesus – one act of faithful courage at a time,

Pastor Don